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yuan blue and white devil valley down the map pot, yuan dynasty blue and white porcelain, the main decoration for "devil valley down the map", describes the master sun bin in the qi envoy su dai repeated requests, promised to save the fall of yan general sun bin and dugu Chen's story.






The blue and white pattern painted with imported cobalt material is divided into four layers. Second layer shoulder: decorated branch peony; The third layer of abdomen: "guizi down the mountain" theme decoration; The lower part of the fourth layer: for the deformation of lotus petal grain painting treasure, commonly known as "eight yards".








guizi sitting in a tiger and a leopard pull the car, the body slightly forward, demeanor poised, extraordinary as fairy, showing his masterful strategy, decisive thousands of miles away from the expression. In front of the vehicle, two soldiers holding a spear to open the way, a young general bearing a brave face, longitudinal horse and go, holding a battle flag, on the book "ghost valley" two words, su dai riding rear. A group of people and mountain tree stone constitute a spectacular and beautiful landscape picture. The whole blue and white decoration is rich and colorful color, full picture, density has sent, the primary and secondary clear, one integrated mass. The portrayal of the characters is smooth and natural, full of verve, and the rocks are textured with exquisite and perfect brushwork.






The lifelike design and exquisite painting, done by a painter rather than a craftsman, make the pot more than ordinary blue and white porcelain. The scene painted on the jar is from the drama meng yuemei wrote hate jin xiang pavilion by wang zhongwen, a famous playwright of the yuan dynasty. The decorative patterns of blue and white porcelain in yuan dynasty are mostly peony, bamboo plum, dragon pattern, lotus pattern, flower and bird, etc. Therefore, the appearance of historical figures in blue and white porcelain is more precious.






It is reported that there are only eight pieces of the same kind of blue and white antique painted with character stories. The wavy pattern on the neck of the pot can be seen on the other six pieces, all collected by the David's foundation. Three of the eight treasures, including this one, were painted with knotted lotus lines on their shoulders. The POTS in the Boston museum are unbanded on the shoulders and feet. The jar is the only one of the eight pieces with auspicious markings on the foot petal, similar to the blue and white vase in the David's foundation collection. The other six pieces all contain drooping ruyi marks.






The decorations on the POTS are heavily influenced by prints, and no other piece of porcelain shows the same scene. In this way, the porcelain pot has a collector's eye "all quality", the blue and white design and color of the fire is beautiful, exquisite painting, in the world, with a high collection value.


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